Roman Church

the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy (Freq. 2)
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indulgence, ↑Divine Office, ↑Little Office, ↑Office of the Dead, ↑placebo, ↑confession, ↑beatification, ↑canonization, ↑canonisation, ↑Mass, ↑novena, ↑Stations, ↑Stations of the Cross, ↑monstrance, ↑ostensorium, ↑pallium, ↑ultramontanism, ↑sursum corda, ↑breviary, ↑missal, ↑Vulgate, ↑Paternoster, ↑Mass card, ↑spiritual bouquet, ↑pax, ↑kiss of peace, ↑Immaculate Conception, ↑Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, ↑gradual, ↑Curia, ↑Sacred College, ↑College of Cardinals, ↑Rota, ↑apostolic delegate, ↑bishop, ↑Brother, ↑cardinal, ↑dean, ↑Doctor of the Church, ↑Doctor, ↑domestic prelate, ↑internuncio, ↑Monsignor, ↑nuncio, ↑papal nuncio, ↑penitent, ↑postulator, ↑provincial, ↑seminarian, ↑seminarist, ↑Sister, ↑Beguine, ↑vicar-general, ↑Ambrose, ↑Saint Ambrose, ↑St. Ambrose, ↑Aquinas, ↑Thomas Aquinas, ↑Saint Thomas, ↑St. Thomas, ↑Saint Thomas Aquinas, ↑St. Thomas Aquinas, ↑Athanasius, ↑Saint Athanasius, ↑St. Athanasius, ↑Athanasius the Great, ↑Augustine, ↑Saint Augustine, ↑St. Augustine, ↑Augustine of Hippo, ↑Basil, ↑St. Basil, ↑Basil of Caesarea, ↑Basil the Great, ↑St. Basil the Great, ↑Becket, ↑Thomas a Becket, ↑Saint Thomas a Becket, ↑St. Thomas a Becket, ↑Bede, ↑Saint Bede, ↑St. Bede, ↑Baeda, ↑Saint Baeda, ↑St. Baeda, ↑Beda, ↑Saint Beda, ↑St. Beda, ↑the Venerable Bede, ↑Boniface, ↑Saint Boniface, ↑St. Boniface, ↑Winfred, ↑Wynfrith, ↑Apostle of Germany, ↑Bruno, ↑Saint Bruno, ↑St. Bruno, ↑Dominic, ↑Saint Dominic, ↑St. Dominic, ↑Domingo de Guzman, ↑Francis of Assisi, ↑Saint Francis of Assisi, ↑St. Francis of Assisi, ↑Saint Francis, ↑St. Francis, ↑Giovanni di Bernardone, ↑Gregory, ↑Gregory I, ↑Saint Gregory I, ↑St. Gregory I, ↑Gregory the Great, ↑Gregory Nazianzen, ↑Gregory of Nazianzen, ↑St. Gregory of Nazianzen, ↑Ignatius of Loyola, ↑Saint Ignatius of Loyola, ↑St. Ignatius of Loyola, ↑Loyola, ↑Irenaeus, ↑Saint Irenaeus, ↑St. Irenaeus, ↑Jerome, ↑Saint Jerome, ↑St. Jerome, ↑Hieronymus, ↑Eusebius Hieronymus, ↑Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus, ↑John Chrysostom, ↑St. John Chrysostom, ↑Holy Year, ↑Solemnity of Mary, ↑January 1, ↑Circumcision, ↑Feast of the Circumcision, ↑canonical hour, ↑Great Schism
Hypernyms: ↑Catholic Church
Member Meronyms: ↑Roman Catholic
Part Meronyms: ↑Rome, ↑Curia, ↑Sacred College, ↑College of Cardinals

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